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Cashing in my Rent Distribution
How do I receive my rental income?
How do I receive my rental income?

3 options to streamline your rent distribution

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RealT delivers the rent distribution every week, and there are three ways to get it!

1. Rent Distribution on Ethereum Main Network

On Ethereum, rent distributions are delivered in USDC, a stablecoin whose value equals one US Dollar. When choosing rent distribution on Ethereum, holders of RealTokens have to activate a smart contract (you pay gas fees) to receive the USDC to their address.

In the Portfolio page of, you must connect to the Ethereum wallet address you registered with RealT, then click the "Claim Rent on Ethereum" button. Rent distribution accumulates in the Ethereum rent vault until you claim it.

2. Rent Distribution on Gnosis Chain

Rent distribution on Gnosis Chain doesn't require you to activate any smart contract; it´s "airdropped" for free to the Rent Wallet address registered in your Portfolio.

Gnosis Chain offers a few more options than Ethereum for your rent distribution:

  • You can choose to receive rent distribution in USDC or XDAI, two stablecoins with a fixed value of one US Dollar.

  • You can choose to have your Rent distribution delivered in armmWXDAI. This token represents a deposit of $1 in XDAI into the RMM.
    This means your rent distribution is delivered into the RMM, and you receive the corresponding armm deposit tokens to your wallet address. You can then claim the WXDAI token at any time in the RMM, and until you do, your rent distribution accumulates an interest payment!

3. Reinvesting automatically

RealT offers another solution for investors who don´t want to immediately cash out their rent distribution. You can automatically reinvest your rent distribution into fractions of new properties to compound your income week after week. With this option, instead of stablecoins, you receive a fraction of tokenized Real Estate with a value equivalent to the rent distribution you would have received.

You must sign up for reinvestment properties through the RealT Marketplace. They are labeled with this banner on top:

What is the value of one armmWXDAI?

One armmWXDAI is redeemable for one WXDAI in the RMM. WXDAI is a stablecoin equivalent to $1 USD, like XDAI or USDC.

I hold my RealTokens on Ethereum and Gnosis Chain. Where do I receive my rent distribution?

The rent distribution of all your RealTokens held on Ethereum or Gnosis is delivered to one address on one network only: the one you selected in your Portfolio's "Rent Wallet" section.

You can hold RealTokens on several addresses; the rent distribution for these RealTokens will be delivered to a single address.

When do I receive my rent distribution?

Rent distribution is usually delivered between Monday and Tuesday.

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