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Seeing my RealTokens in MetaMask
Seeing my RealTokens in MetaMask
Updated over a week ago

Congratulations you've purchased RealTokens on the platform then we let you know that your order has been delivered on your address directly but you don't see it on Metamask yet because in order to see your RealTokens you need to manually add them.

1- Find the contract related to the property

From the "Portfolio" tab of your account on our website, select the relevant property. Top right corner of it you'll see a green XDAI icon. Pease note that the process is the same with a property on Ethereum, only the name of the icon will change.

Click on it and you will be redirected to either Etherscan (ETH) or Gnosisscan (GnosisChain) depending on the blockchain you're interested in. Now copy the contract address.

2- Add the RealToken manually in MetaMask

From MetaMask, click on import a token ➡️ custom token ➡️ then you paste the adress you just copied.

Do not forget to edit the token symbol by what suits you because MetaMask only allows 11 characters or fewer. Once done click on "Add Custom Token".

Then click on "Import Tokens".

Upon doing so you should be able to see your RealTokens in MetaMask. Well done!

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