If you want to transfer your USDC to fiat currencies, the easiest solution is to use Mt Pelerin.

If you want to transfer your USDC to another sidechain like Polygon or the Binance Chain, you can follow these steps:

  1. Be sure to have USDC, if no, swap your tokens to USDC on 1inch. You will also need xDai.

  2. Once you have your USDC, go to Connext.

  3. Choose the destination sidechain (Binance Chain, Polygon or any other) then choose the tokens to send, in our case USDC.

  4. You will then just have to pay the transaction fees (in xDai).

  5. Once the transaction is completed your tokens will be available on the receiving sidechain.

  6. From the Binance Chain or Polygon you can send your USDC to Binance for example.

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