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Connecting your RealT Wallet to your RealT account (Gnosis Chain)
Connecting your RealT Wallet to your RealT account (Gnosis Chain)
Updated over a week ago

Upon downloading our cool RealT Wallet App now you're trying to connect it but are not sure how to do it, well it's your lucky day because we're about to get into it!

1- Select the GnosisChain option

From your RealT account and Portfolio Tab under Rent section click on "Change Wallet/Network".

You'll get to choose between receiving rents on either Gnosis Chain (recommended) or claiming them on Ethereum (NOT recommended) so here we are going to go for Gnosis Chain.

Then you'll be asked to choose between MetaMask and WalletConnect in our case we will choose WalletConnect.

A QR code will now be displayed on your monitor but we can pause it here.
โ€‹2- Set up the address from the RealT Wallet App

Now grab your phone and log into your RealT Wallet then go to "Settings" Tab then tap on WalletConnect.

Now we're going to tap on Scan and we're going to scan the QR code that is still on your monitor:

Just double check the address and simply click on "Confirm & Save".

Congratulations! You've successfully linked your RealT Wallet to your RealT account!

IMPORTANT: You must do the same operation for "Property Wallet" which is for your RealTokens but you must contact the Customer Support Team first. They will give you the rights to do this change.

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