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What’s the difference between RealToken Inc. and RealToken LLC?
What’s the difference between RealToken Inc. and RealToken LLC?
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Real Token Inc., a Delaware-registered business entity, is the name of our company. We refer to it, and can said to be doing business, as RealT.

In order to conduct a business to offer real estate worldwide, RealT has created a separate entity, also Delaware registered, named Real Token LLC. It is a master or if you will, umbrella, company. It does not own any other LLC or other business entity, nor any property. Its primary value is to simplify and lessen the complicated and costly legal process incumbent in providing what is characterized by US authorities to be an investment security offering, which each property we offer is deemed to be. (So, for example, rather than having a nearly 100-page private placement memorandum for each offering, one master ppm is required and each following offering requires only a much shorter amendment.)

Finally, for each offering we create a Series LLC; each of which own a single asset (a property) and has its own token and unique address. Each stand solely and legally on its own, is not cross collateralized with, nor affected in any legal or operating manner to, any other series LLC. Each is owned by the investors who purchased its unique tokens and upon whom ultimate governance lies.

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