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What is RealT?
Can I set up a business account to purchase RealTokens?
Can I set up a business account to purchase RealTokens?
Yes! We would love to have you set up a business account with us. And it’s pretty easy to do.
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You'll find the registration page on our website. By checking "I am Registering To Invest As A Business Account," you'll find fields to begin entering your business information.

Investing in Tokenized Real Estate with Your Business

You should note that there are a few pieces of information that you'll need to get started:

  • Your tax ID or BRN (business registration number)

  • Full Company Address

  • Documentation from your country showing that your business is legally registered and that you are a legal representative. This information is part of the 2nd step, which will be uploaded after registering the account.

    • If you are a French business, we would like a KBIS extract dated within the last three months.

A few Helpful Hints

* Any business owner who owns more than 25% of the business will need to set up a NEW personal account which we link to your business. Yes, even if you did this for your individual account. It is one of the many ways we work to protect our RealT clients, and a new KYC screen will be done for each owner under the business account.

The system will direct you as a business client to re-enter KYC information. You'll need to upload a form of valid identification (passport, driver's license, ID card) for this.

*If you have a personal account with us, you will need to set up a separate account using a different email address. This allows us to separate your reporting from your individual accounts and any businesses you are associated with.

*Want to purchase using a credit card? We can only accept credit cards if the billing address matches your business address.

After you submit your business account registration, our Support Team will review the information and contact you within 72 hours to obtain the documents showing the legal registration of your business. After review, you are ready to purchase Security tokens!

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