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How can one gift RealTokens to someone?
How can one gift RealTokens to someone?

You may or may not know yet that one can make gifts to an existing or non existing user. Here's a little step by step guide.

Updated over a week ago

The process mostly stays the same compared to a classic purchase of property. Please select the one you want to gift from the Marketplace to your friend, family member, or loved one and add it to your cart. Once added, click on "Proceed to Checkout".

You can review your billing details, but don't forget to tick "this order is a gift," as you will be asked to enter the recipient's information. You can deliver the gift the same day you purchased it or schedule it for later.

Want to add a personal touch to the gift? Type a few words in the "a personal message" section, and we will include them.

Please note your gift will processed by our Customer Support Team within 1 business day.

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