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Protecting my Tokens with a Hardware Wallet

Hardware wallets are made to protect your Tokens and digital assets from hacking risks.

The two best-known hardware wallets, Ledger and Trezor, cannot be used natively on the Gnosis Chain at the moment.

So if you want to use one, you have to use the interface of another wallet. Here we use a Ledger with Metamask; there are only two steps after setting up your Ledger on Ethereum Network.

Connecting Ledger to Metamask.

Register your new address at RealT.

Remember to set up your Metamask on the Gnosis Chain.

Connecting Ledger to Metamask

Please ensure your Ledger is connected to your device, and then click on your Metamask account. Then, click on "Connect a hardware wallet."

Select Ledger and "**Continue**."

A new page will open; you must click on your Ledger and "Connection."

Your hardware wallet offers, by default, several blockchain addresses generated with the same secret phrase. Here we choose the first one on the list. You're welcome to choose from the addresses that were proposed.

If Metamask cannot detect your hardware wallet, this message will appear. Check that your hardware wallet is unlocked.

Connecting Ledger to RealT

With your new address set up with Ledger, you must now register this new Gnosis address at RealT.

The rent wallet address update is open, but the one for the reception of the RealTokens requires a "whitelisting" operation.

That's why you must contact the RealT team through the support chat.

Once you have received the response from the RealT team, you can refresh the page, and the option to update the Property Wallet appears: "Change Wallet/Network."

Just follow the instructions. If your new Gnosis address is not connected, click on the colored circle in Metamask and switch between your different addresses.

Once the manipulation is done and saved, the new address appears in the portfolio. To fully comply with U.S. law, any Blockchain address registered in the property wallet must be kept in your account.

All that remains is to notify the RealT team so that we can "whitelist" the new address.

My Ledger is all Set. Next Steps?

Once the new address is entered and "whitelisted," you can transfer the RealTokens. As you know, RealT has no control over your RealTokens. Registering a new address in your RealT portfolio does not automatically transfer the RealTokens from your previous address. It is up to you to do the manipulation.

Whitelisting allows your two addresses to have the same rights for RealTokens and ArmmTokens on the blockchain. This allows you to transfer your RealTokens at will between your whitelisted addresses.

Your next RealTokens purchased on the marketplace will be delivered to the Property Wallet address. Receiving tokens does not require any manipulation of the Ledger; only outgoing transactions must be validated on the physical wallet.

Other FAQ articles can help you configure your Metamask to show your RealTokens or send them back to RealT in case of a sale.

Updated on: 19/06/2024