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Secondary Market: What is the YAM? How does the Whitelisting work?

Most of the secondary market linked to the RealTokens takes place on the YAM. This platform allows you to buy and sell all the RealTokens of your choice in a secure environment.

Legislation requires RealT Platform to know who owns the RealTokens (tokenized property shares) on the blockchain. Blockchain addresses must be registered in your portfolio's property wallet on to trade freely, 24/7 tokenized real estate, and your address must also be whitelisted for each property you want to buy. From a technical point of view, whitelisting is done on our side to authorize your address to interact with a property's RealTokens on the blockchain. Without prior whitelisting, the blockchain will reject your transaction if you try to buy a property.

How to whitelist my address?

Buying Tokenized Real Estate on the Marketplace

When you buy RealTokens on the RealT marketplace, you receive a contract by email and sign it. Your address is whitelisted at delivery time, so you don't have to do a thing - RealT takes care of everything.

Buying tokenized real estate on the secondary market

If you own RealTokens of a property, you can trade RealTokens of that same property freely on the YAM, between individuals, between friends, etc.

If you have not yet purchased RealTokens for a property, you have never signed the referent contract and are, therefore, not whitelisted for that property.

Don't worry; RealT offers free whitelisting to access the secondary market. Once every 3 days, you can request a whitelist of 7 properties.

Go to your portfolio and click on "Whitelist" in the "Properties" section, with the "Whitelist" button on the right.

As soon as your request has been registered, you'll receive a contract in your inbox, just like when you buy from the marketplace. This is a free service! RealT processes Whitelist requests on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

Whitelist a New Gnosis Address

You can add a new blockchain address to your account to, for example, switch to a physical wallet or digital safe.

Contact RealT support, who will release the option on your portfolio and "whitelist" your new address. Your second address will then have the same rights as your first.

Updated on: 05/07/2024