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Sending your RealTokens back to RealT using MetaMask

Requirements : We are going to assume that you already have created a sell order on the platform and we have accepted it so now is the time to send your RealTokens back.

Whether you're using Rabby, Metamask or any other compatible wallets your RealTokens must be returned. Any transaction must be paid on the blockchain, it will be necessary that you have either Ether or xDAI in your wallet.

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1- Make sure to have your RealTtokens displayed on MetaMask

From Metamask, click on "Add a token", "Custom token" and paste the smart contract related to each property. Smart contracts are listed on Etherscan (ETH) and Gnosisscan (Gnosis Chain) and in your portfolio on our website.

2- From your wallet, please select the RealToken you wish to sell and click on it then click on the button SEND.

3- Enter the address of destination which can be found for each RealToken on your RealT account directly from the "Sell Tokens" tab.

As you can see the address on top is confirmed and I've also entered the right quantity of RealTokens to send. Do no forget to enter the correct quantity it's a common mistake to leave it a 0.

4- Now we need to take care of the 2 settings available the Gas Price (GWEI) and the Gas Limit.

We're not going to go into too much details so use the below settings but note that this example is taken for Gnosis Chain so if you're doing the same thing from the Ethereum blockchain the GWEI and Gas Limit may be different.

Once filled correctly you can click on CONFIRM and it will basically give you a summary of the transaction you're about to do and if you're comfortable with it you just need to click on the button CONFIRM.

5- Congratulations you have completed a transaction on the blockchain but we need one more thing: The transaction hash. Back to your wallet you can click on "ACTIVITY" the transaction on top should be the one you just did. You can click on it and then click on the double square icon to copy the transaction hash as per below:

Now that you have copied it you can paste it. From your RealT account click on "Sell Tokens" paste the hash and click on SAVE.

The process is now completed, the Customer Support Team will the transaction and confirm it. Once confirmed we will make sure to pay you on either your Ethereum or Gnosis Chain address entered on your account in USDC within 10 business days.

Updated on: 10/07/2024