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What is the SOON token? What is the REG token?

The SOON token?

Once a year we do a third-party appraisal of each of the RealT property, during this appraisal the 10% of RealT fees are removed from the total value of the tokens. That 10% of fees are replaced by the governance token.

During the creation of our governance token, we created the SOON.

The SOON token is a "temporary" token, the SOON is frozen (it mean you can't swap it or transfer it) and it has a fixed redemption value of $1 in governance tokens (the possibility of swapping your SOON for governance tokens is not yet live).

The SOON smart contract: 0xaa2c0cf54cb418eb24e7e09053b82c875c68bb88

The REG token?

The REG (RealToken Ecosystem Governance) token serves as the governance token for the RealT DAO. This token comes with certain rights and utility that will expand over time.

For more information about the REG and its future with the RealT DAO, check out these resources:
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The REG smart contract: 0x0aa1e96d2a46ec6beb2923de1e61addf5f5f1dce

Updated on: 25/06/2024