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Transferring my Tokens from a compromised Address

We perform the transaction on the dedicated website created by RealT Team:

The process is simple:

Authorize the transaction on the compromised address (free of gas fee).

Then, authorize the transaction at the receiving address (paying the gas fee).

Getting out my Tokens from a Hacked Address

The first step is to connect the compromised address to the website: "Connect old address":

RealT's website works with Metamask (browser wallets) and WalletConnect (RealT app, Bridge, etc... through a QR code.)

Once connected, your Gnosis address will be displayed in the text box. Two pieces of information must still be included: the token we want to transfer and the destination address.

The "Token address" is the RealToken, or armmTokens contract address we want to transfer. You can find this contract by looking up your address at Gnosis Scan or visiting each property's page and clicking on the xDAI button:

This link redirects to the Token Contract Address:

Here, the contract identifies the RealTokens for 1389 Bird, Birmingham, MI 48009, on the Gnosis blockchain: 0x2fB7eeEecE8498AF2bF5b00Ea29CA03005C35956.

You can check on the token name in the lower right and find much more info on blockchain explorers.

Please remember that our whole balance for this type of token will be transferred at once.This can affect the "health ratio" on the RMM.

The destination address is where we want the Tokens to be sent. The new address has to be registered at RealT and whitelisted to receive RealTokens of the property (1389 Bird here.)

Clicking "Next step" triggers the interaction with our web3 wallet. Finally, we can sign the transaction for free. A confirmation pop-up message appears at the bottom of the screen, displaying how many tokens will be sent.

And that's it for the compromised address! We have one hour to complete the transaction. The final step is to connect the receiving address to the same webpage as the transaction information is stored in our web browser.

Receiving my Tokens at a Safe Address

We must sign the transfer with our new address to complete the transaction. So remember to switch to your new address in your web3 wallet first!

The first transaction is again a simple signing; the second and last transaction at our receiving address will trigger the transfer, and we'll finally pay the gas fee.

Sending Tokens with no gas fee?

The RealT's application is based on the EIP-712: Typed structured data hashing and signing used by other projects on Gnosis Chain.

The signing on the compromised address authorizes the transaction finally be paid by the second address. It's one of the solutions that RealT's team found to constantly enhance the safety of investing in Security Tokens.

This solution can be expanded to other blockchains and tokens but is currently only deployed on Gnosis Chain for RealTokens and Armm tokens. Feel free to reach the RealT support team in case of any doubts.

Updated on: 19/06/2024