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Weekly Income and Selling Your RealTokens

RealT delivers the rent distribution every week, and there are three ways to get it!

1. Rent Distribution on Ethereum Main Network

On Ethereum, rent distributions are delivered in USDC, a stablecoin whose value equals one US Dollar. When choosing rent distribution on Ethereum, holders of RealTokens have to activate a smart contract (you pay gas fees) to receive the USDC to their address.

In the Portfolio page of, you must connect to the Ethereum wallet address you registered with RealT, then click the "Claim Rent on Ethereum" button. Rent distribution accumulates in the Ethereum rent vault until you claim it.

2. Rent Distribution on Gnosis Chain

Rent distribution on Gnosis Chain doesn't require you to activate any smart contract; it´s "airdropped" for free to the Rent Wallet address registered in your Portfolio.

Gnosis Chain offers a few more options than Ethereum for your rent distribution:

You can choose to receive rent distribution in USDC or xDAI, two stablecoins with a fixed value of one US Dollar.

You can also choose to have your Rent distribution delivered in armmWXDAI or armmUSDC. These tokens represent a deposit of $1 in XDAI / USDC into the RMM.
This means your rent distribution is delivered into the RMM, and you receive the corresponding armm deposit tokens to your wallet address. You can then claim the WXDAI / USDC at any time in the RMM, and until you do, your rent distribution accumulates an interest payment!

3. Reinvesting automatically

RealT offers another solution for investors who don´t want to immediately cash out their rent distribution. You can automatically reinvest your rent distribution into fractions of new properties to compound your income week after week. With this option, instead of stablecoins, you receive a fraction of tokenized Real Estate with a value equivalent to the rent distribution you would have received.

You must sign up for reinvestment properties through the RealT Marketplace.

When the selected Rent Reinvestment property sells out, any rent you are owed that cannot be converted into RealTokens will be distributed according to your selected " Rent Fallback Type ".

The current options are “ Deposit to Gnosis ” and “ Claim to Ethereum ”.

You can view and change this selection in your Portfolio.

If you do not make a selection, any owed rent will be made available to claim on Ethereum by default.

The option you have selected at the time of rent calculation will determine the destination of your unconverted rent.

In the future, we intend to offer you the option to automatically move to a new reinvestment property when your current reinvestment property sells out.

You can sell your RealTokens in different ways

To the RealT website

The YAM allows you to create sales announcements at the price of your choice, smart contracts guarantee the transaction between you and the buyer. As soon as a buyer is interested, he can interact with the smart contract to buy your RealTokens.

Uniswap is an application on the Ethereum blockchain (Levinswap is on Gnosis Chain) that offers liquidity for the RealTokens you purchase. Uniswap offers the ability to instantly sell your assets, at the market rate. The price of the tokens on Uniswap fluctuate based on supply and demand, and total market liquidity in Uniswap exchanges may not be suitable for well-capitalized investors.

Be careful, if you want to buy on the secondary market (Uniswap, Levinswap and YAM), you must be whitelisted for the relevant property. To be whitelisted, you must purchase at least one RealToken of the relevant property on our website or make a whitelist request with the "whitelist" button from your portfolio on our website.

You can also sell your RealTokens on the RealT website. Using the ‘Sell Tokens’ button found on the homepage you can generate a sale request, with instructions that follow. Most token sales through the RealT website take 10 working days to process. The RealTokens are sold for the fair-market-value of the property, as determined by the most recent property appraisal. All properties receive new appraisals once-per-year.

With Uniswap or Levinswap, you are guaranteed to instantly be able to sell your RealTokens, however the price you receive in the sale is determined by market forces at that time. By selling on the website, you know the price you are selling the RealTokens for, but it is not an instantaneous process.

Updated on: 24/06/2024