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Connecting Rabby to your RealT Account

After creating your Rabby Wallet, you get an ERC-20 address compatible with the Gnosis Chain. Then connect it to your portfolio, and everything's done automatically!

On the home page, select the portfolio tab and follow the steps:

Click on Change Wallet/Network.

The option is open for the rent wallet. Please get in touch with support to change the address in the property wallet (where the RealTokens are delivered). You can use the same address or two different ones.

Confirm the Gnosis Chain option three times: I'm ready, Connect Wallet, and then on the green Gnosis Owl.

The article on the distribution of Tokenized real estate rents explains the different delivery methods. will automatically detect that Rabby Wallet is present in your browser. Click on the Rabby Wallet logo to trigger an interaction on your Rabby Wallet. On the Rabby Wallet, click "Connect" to authorize the connection. Your Gnosis address will be immediately displayed on the page.

Click Confirm & Save to make the change. The portfolio will take a few seconds to refresh. You will then see your Gnosis address displayed on your portfolio.

If this is your Rabby Wallet's first connection to, you should see this warning message.

This security feature of Rabby Wallet displays this message the first time you connect to a Web3 application.

Tip for Changing the Connected Address

You may want to change the address on your Rabby Wallet. For example, if you've connected a Ledger (Hardware Wallet) and wish to register this new address.

In this case, open your Rabby Wallet and click on the triangle next to your blockchain address. When you change the address logged in to your Rabby Wallet, it changes simultaneously on your portfolio login page.

If your Rabby Wallet isn't activated when you click on Connect Wallet, or if the Rabby icon isn't displayed on the site, it's most likely that your browser's security settings are blocking the connection. In this case, you must click the padlock in the taskbar or check that authorizations are granted in your browser settings.

Rabby Wallet is officially only available on computers. The Rabby Wallet application on the App Store is a potentially dangerous fake application.

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Updated on: 19/06/2024