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What is the RealToken Wallet?

What is the RealToken Wallet?

The RealToken Wallet is a Crypto Wallet secured by your social login or email. It is secure and simple. You will get full control of your tokens and full access to DeFi. Learn More about DeFi at RealT here.

Should I choose the RealToken Wallet or my own Private Wallet?

Generally speaking, if you are new to Crypto and DeFi, we recommend using the RealToken Wallet for ease of use and simplicity. Please note that in the first phase, the RealToken wallet will only be used to store your RealTokens and will not give you access to RMM and the secondary market. These features will be added gradually over the coming months.

What is great about the RealToken Wallet is that you will always have access to your tokens and funds as long as you remember your social login. That is the beauty of this wallet compared to other Crypto Wallets, where you would have to manage your own Private Key and Seed Phrases.

How secure is it?

For extra security, you have the option to add a multifactor authentication to your wallet. If you choose to do so, you will be asked to save your device as 1 MFA method. Then afterwards, you will choose an additional Social Login method.

Once completed, you will always need your Social Login and one of two MFA Methods to access your wallet.

Also, as part of Web3Auth’s SDK, RealT will never store your Private Key in your RealToken Wallet.

What if I lose access to my Social Login?

When you create your RealToken Wallet, you also designate RealT as a Guardian on your account. This means that in the rare scenario that you lose access to your account, RealT may be able to transfer your Wallet to a new Social Login. Fees may apply for this service.

Technical Details?

RealT has created this service with our partner Web3Auth. More technical details can be found on their website.

Updated on: 24/06/2024